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Herzlich willkommen beim Birkner Verlag – Ihrem Informationsdienstleister für internationale Industrieverzeichnisse. Seit über 100 Jahren liefert der Verlag fundierte Fachinformationen und News zu ausgewählten Industriemärkten und Unternehmen.

Aktuell bietet Birkner Markt- und Unternehmensinformationen aus der internationalen Papierindustrie, der internationalen Holzindustrie und der internationalen Getränkeindustrie zu Rohstofflieferanten, Herstellern, Verarbeitern, Händlern, Dienstleistungs- und Zulieferbetrieben.

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New Fusion℠ Strength And Performance Technology

FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology combines specialty chemistries and state-of-the-art process control offering packaging paper and board manufacturers new capabilities to increase sheet strength and quality while reducing operating costs.

With declining fiber quality, higher strength requirements at lower packaging weights and reductions in fresh water usage, traditional single-component strength additives become limited in packaging paper and board manufacturing. In addition, … mehr
Erschienen am 23. Juni 2017, 1:00 Uhr

DS Smith quality delivers record recognition from Mars

It was a tour de force night for DS Smith at the Mars Chocolate QFI Awards dinner as DS Smith took home an unprecedented six awards including, once again, the Site of Excellence Award in the Corrugated category for DS Smith Noerdlingen, Germany!

his is the 8th year running that DS Smith has won the top award in the Corrugated category and the 7th time for DS Smith Noerdlingen. In 2016 the plant supplied packs to Mars Chocolate sites in Germany, France and Netherlands with outstanding quality … mehr
Erschienen am 23. Juni 2017, 1:00 Uhr

Oji: Announcement Regarding Sample Distribution for Cellulose Nano-fiber Powder Dispersible in ...

...Organic Solvent

Oji Holdings Corporation (Oji) has succeeded in development of CNF powder dispersible in various types of organic solvent, and has commenced sample distribution as of June, 2017.

The above development enables us to disperse CNF in various types of organic solvent which conventional CNF has not achieved. Its dispersion
has high transparency and high viscosity, and therefore it can be expected
to be applied to paints, inks, and polymer synthesis.

From now on, we are trying … mehr
Erschienen am 23. Juni 2017, 1:00 Uhr

Successful launch of the new Diana Easy folder gluer

-Production of folder gluers at MK Masterwork’s European factory in Nové Mesto expected to increase significantly
-Diana Easy meets customers needs for flexibility and productivity
-Successful partnership between Heidelberg and MK Masterwork

Photo: The new Diana Easy is produced in Nové Mesto. The folder gluer is truly modular and meets customers needs for flexibility and productivity.

In May this year Heidelberg and MK Masterwork launched the new folder gluer model, the … mehr
Erschienen am 23. Juni 2017, 1:00 Uhr

Kruger Products: Home Stretch of the Crabtree Machine

Kruger Products provided an update on the new No. 8 Paper Machine (PM8) Project at its Crabtree Plant and invited a few media and partner representatives in Lanaudière to visit the soon-to-be-completed project. The Company also took the opportunity to reveal its recent acquisition of a new $12-million winder, which brings investment in new production equipment at the Crabtree Plant to $67 million over the past year.

Photo: The paper machine no. 8 in construction.

“This new and … mehr
Erschienen am 22. Juni 2017, 1:00 Uhr